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Black Robe, Order of the - an guild of highly trained and educated bureaucrats. The order finds people that have no trade or worthy parentage and prepares them to support the infrastructure of the whole Kingdom.
byname -secondary given name
drecksa DREK-sah

Singular noun


Alt Regieren Alt REJ-eer-eeun

literal translation- ancient rule

- modern aggregation of ancient practices of worship.

- worship of the archons of God's council, in place of the God of Truth.

hallo HAH-low


- hello

hundn HUN-den

Singular noun

- bitch

militet MIL-eh-tay

Singular or plural noun

- soldiers that are poor, crimninals or shanghaied into service. They have no rank and receive no benefits other than food and shelter, slaves.

name day - the day of one's birth

- the day celebrated annually that begins your new natal year.

natal year - on the day of your birth is the beginning of your first year, or the first natal year.
sheisse singular noun

- excrement

speaking in tongues - a manifestation of the gift of holy spirit

- perfect prayer


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