Rare Things for a Rare Life

The Knights of J'shua Book 1

by Tiana Dokerty © 1984-2021

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Job 2:1 Again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also...

Updated 11/27/22

The Warrior turned his attention to his next conquest. The Kingdom of Freislicht would be seduced away from the so-called God of Truth to his lord, the God of this Age.

Angels whispered as he approached Truth’s throne. Their furtive glances betrayed their disdain and dismay at his presence.

The Warrior grinned back at them, delighting in their shocked reactions.

We were brothers once. No matter. Soon they’ll be beneath my feet.

As per custom, he would inform his enemy of their next impending failure. For where was the glory in defeating an unwary opponent? And what better than to gloat at them within their greatest castle overlooking the spiritual realm with its vast Crystal Sea?

He bowed, perfunctorily, toward the throne of the Most High God. “I, the Warrior of the God of this Age, proclaim that the land of Freislicht shall be mine. It shall fall as easily as Dubu and those before it.”

J’shua Ha Mashiach, Champion of the God of Truth, rose from his throne beside his father’s. “You have tempted many, but your time will end. It is written, the children of men shall not disappoint.”

The Warrior snickered. “We’ve eliminated the weak amongst your followers. Our host multiplies, swelled by your defectors. What do you have? The human scourge that breeds like vermin? They’re ours. Only a remnant is devoted to you.”

“Even the smallest of the faithful are glorious.”

Laughing, the Warrior turned on his heel and left.

Home | Chapter 1