Rare Things for a Rare Life

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Albert Whitcomb   Jon's new apprentice knight.
Melyssa   Duke of Alexandria's daughter
Caileagh KAY-lee daughter of Melazera's stepmother, Farina
Charmaine   Will/Daryl's daughter
Cynthia   David's wife
Daikon Paul   Will & Jonathan's leader
Daryl Andrews   alias Lucas Miles, Knight
David O'Toole   Jonathan's son
Deborah   Patrick Dooley's youngest daughter
Drake Caswell   once a Knight
Farina   Caileagh's mother
Geleib Melazera GAYL-lib Lord Lorness upon death of his father, 134 AK
James Dooley   Patrick Dooley's father
Jecunda   Geleib's mother
George Rosewood   Black Robe working for Melazera
Jean LaVoie lah-VOY Fellow Knight, same cohort
Jonathan Otual   Knight of the Mountain
Harold Grammott GRAM-mott Fellow Knight, same cohort
Katherine Dolley   Patrick Dooley's wife
King Edal   Father of Sagen, reigned from 115 - 153 AK
King Sagen SAY-gun son of King Edal; reign begins in 153 AK
King Urial oo-REYE-el  
King Weisheit why-SHYTE Prophesied Grand Destiny
Lawrence Rafferty, Lafferty   roomate of Daikon Paul
Licht Gegen LIKT GEGG-en Activist followers of Joshua
Mestels   Slang, people from Mestelina
Missy   adopted daughter of Will
Nachash nah-KAHsh the Serpent, the Devil, the Accuser
Patrick Dooley    
Patrick Dooley, the younger   Patrick Dooley's son
Patrick Gunnels   Follower of Joshua
Rebekah   Jonathan's wife
Richard Overhill   Lucas Overhill's uncle
Sarah O'Toole, Beecher   Jon's daughter, adopted by the Beechers
Steven Blackhawk   Orphan raised by Geleib & Caillech
Steward Rothbard   Steward that trained Geleib
Lucas Overhill   Richard Overhill's nephew
Tomas Beck   Rebekah's alias
Vincent Donofrio   first of Rebekah's spies
Virgil Greyson   Commandant at Fairness Crossing


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