Rare Things for a Rare Life

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Table of Contents

Chapter 2: Little Soldier

Jonathan returns home & finds the farm burned & his family gone

Drake's 'perfect' community

Rebekah finds Sarah, but…


Chapter 3: Anger & Artifice

Jonathan returns home & finds the farm burned & his family gone

Drake's 'perfect' community

Rebekah finds Sarah, but…


Chapter 4: Unseen Hand

Blackhawk, Rosewood and the cage cart

Caileagh and her followers

Rebekah's ambush gets gazumped by other things

Blackhawk, Little Soldier & the brothel


Chapter 5: Humanity

Caileagh's vision disturbs Geleib's rest

Blackhawk finds a new mother for Little Soldier

Geleib wakes thinking of Blackhawk and the other orphans

Rebekah & the Donofrios go to Frei Forest

Jonathan drinks too much but finds new purpose after breaking up a fight


Chapter 6: New Beginnings

Blackhawk is posted to High Castle

Caileagh involves Geleib in sacrificial ritual

The community in Frei Forest

Sarah reaches her new home in the south


Chapter 7: Corrections

Jonathan delivers the petition to Prince Sagen

Rebekah becomes Tomas Beck

Sagen delivers the petition to King Edal - the proclamation is written

The community in Frei Forest grows

Jonathan sends notes to the Prince

Jonathan meets King Edal & Prince Sagen in the maze


Chapter 8: The Proclamation

Jonathan begins delivering the proclamation

Rebekah follows Rosewood & finds the cavern & the child sacrifices

Jonathan delivers the Proclamation to North Fort and South Fort

Blackhawk's first assignment following the road between High Castle and Fairness Crossing

Jonathan encounters Rosewood while delivering the Proclamation to River Town

Rebekah learns of the Proclamation - missing Jon by only a day


Chapter 9: Missions

Caileagh finds her temple defiled

Jonathan is ambushed on the road north

Rebekah and the others in Frei Forest in response to the child sacrifices

Geleib takes the undone Caileagh back to Farr - remembering more of her past

Rebekah confronts Greyson and the madame

Jonathan delivers the Proclamation to Lorness

Rebekah starts her first sales circuit as Tomas Beck, plow salesman


Chapter 10: Deliverance

Jonathan delivers the Proclamation to Dunis Glen, and is thanked by the Heralds in Lorness

Tomas Beck encounters Patrick Gunnels and Licht Gegen is born

Jonathan in Estlanis


Chapter 11: Escalation

Tomas Beck is introduced to Peter Taylor by Patrick Gunnels

Jonathan leaves a letter for Rebekah at the Knights' School

Greyson plans his revenge

Greyson burns the Knights' School

Daikon Baxter and Daikon Crispus witness the burning

Tomas Beck learns of the burning of the Knights' School and travels there to see for herself


Chapter 12: Not Again...

145 - Jonathan finds the burnt out School and then the surviving knights

146 - Taylor learns the truth of the Mestel border and tries to reach out to the knights

147 - Jonathan encounters the Lost Boys

148 - Rebekah delivers three boys from Licht Gegen to become knights

150 - Rebekah delivers David to the School to become a knight


Chapter 13 Savage Beasts

151 - Tomas Beck encounters the Lost Boys

151 - Blackhawk makes friends at High Castle

151 - Blackhawk comes to the attention of King Edal

151 - Blackhawk receives praise from Geleib and a troublesome hint about things to come

152 - King Edal's tragic… uh… 'accident'

152 - Kennah Beecher helps one of Gregory Locke's daughters give birth


Chapter 14 – Long Live the King

Tomas Beck encounters an Esthlani swordsmith

Sagen in a funk after his father's death

Sagen is crowned king and begins to work out who he can (and cannot) trust

Sagen plans the Royal Tour and learns about Blackhawk

Geleib struts around High Castle with the king gone...

Tomas Beck approaches Alexandria just before the Royal Tour arrives & decides she needs a manager

Blackhawk suggests games of chess might hide the king's plans

Blackhawk tells Sagen of King Edal's murder


Chapter 15: Captured

Jonathan meets Lafferty and Daikon Paul at Farr Castle

Gregory Locke does not intend to send any of his daughters to be pawns in Geleib's games

Jonathan tries to see King Sagen but is captured by Geleib

Geleib gloats of having two O'Tooles to torture

Jonathan is beaten by Greyson as Geleib watches


Chapter 16: Judged

Tomas Beck & her manager encounter Charles Dugan (from Frei Forest)... as she grows richer

Jonathan is inspected by Caileagh

Tomas Beck and Charles Dugan chat in private

Geleib indulges in reminiscences of Jon's torture… and other things

Jon is 'banished' but Greyson fails to kill him and dies instead - Jon escapes

Geleib seethes after Jon is banished, indulges in reminiscences of Jon's torture… and other things

Blackhawk sexually assaults Cynthia... As instructed by Geleib


Chapter 17: Plans

Sagen ponders while taking other cases if he could have done anything else to save Jon

Cynthia is... 'rescued'

Cailleach berates Geleib about Jon's banishment

Jon is 'banished' but Greyson fails to kill him and dies instead Jon escapes

Sagen prays for Jon

Blackhawk goes to Geleib's Apartment

With Albert's help, Jon escapes then goes to Lion & Tiger Inn


Chapter 18: The Lady

Cynthia arrives at the Border Inn

Sagen meets Melyssa

David reaches the Border Inn

Sagen ponders Geleib's reaction to Sagen's choice of Melyssa as his queen

Caileagh fumes… remembers training Geleib to be entertaining, helpful and complimentary

Geleib is overjoyed… and already counting the dowery


Chapter 19: Betrayals

Sagen and Melyssa speak briefly in private, then Geleib finds out Melyssa is not who he thought she was

Geleib does not react well to the King standing up to him

Daikon Terrence deals with one of the imposters who had 'saved' Cynthia

Caileagh is jealous and decides that the new queen should die

Drake, David & another imposter arrive at Dunis Glen

Geleib is growing tired of Caileagh's demands and her lack of respect for him

The assassination attempt on the queen


Chapter 20: Assassination's Aftermath

James of the Wood asks Tomas Beck's help to become Knights of Joshua

Sagen puts Geleib on the spot - find the culprit before the queen dies or you die with her

Caileagh (eventually) arrives after being summoned by Geleib

Jon's escape from Dunis Glen

Jon meets the Lost Boys again and is told of Tomas Beck

Two days after the assassination attempt

Taylor arrives with news that High Castle is secure

Geleib is summoned before King Sagen

Caileagh witnesses the king's unfolding plan... Geleib becomes a Duke and is 'banished' to Lorness

Chapter 21: Consequences

Tomas' last circuit and 'saving' two 'stranded' wagon drivers… and their cargo of baden

Blackhawk witnesses Geleib being told to end O'Toole's rebellion and not come back until it's done

Drake arrives back at Caswell after Dunis Glen

King Sagen returns to High Castle to find his queen far healthier than expected

Commander Taylor and the queen discuss security... and make some introductions, including Lady Ush-Wha

David gets back to Caswell to find his future already arranged

Dealing with those detained while securing High Castle


Chapter 22: Games people play

King Sagen plays chess with was Duke Frederick of Wooster

Commandant Greyson's body is found

Gelieb produces 'wintesses' to O'Toole's Rebellion which King Sagen has reinterviewed

Caileagh prepares for Geleib’s Emancipation Ritual

Rebekah hides in a cart during baden shipment robbery & sees Jon in the distance

Jon sees Rebekah and does not intervene

Rosewood replaces Caileagh as master of Geleib's illicit moneys

Blackhawk's weekly report to Geleib

Caileagh gets an impossible lifeline while having doubts about her decreasing importance

Jonathan talks to James of the Wood about the lady in the cage cart


Chapter 1: Shining Mountain

Jonathan saves a family from debt collection

Jonathan vs Blackhawk on the Mountain


Chapter 23 Meetings

Lucas Overhill goes to Uncle Richard

Geleib fumes that becoming a Duke has set his plans back years

Jonathan reaches the Lion & Tiger Inn after the fight with Blackhawk on the Mountain

Taylor meets Gregory Locke & plays chess while waiting to contact the Knights

Miles offers tea to the old man

Caileagh watches Geleib pace, discerns the note is about Blackhawk and O'Tool

Taylor finds out that the old man is Daikon Sylvanus Baxter of the Knights’ School

Miles/Daryl and Sylvanus talk - Jon has been in the Inn the whole time Taylor was there

Chapter 24 Changes of Fortune

Sagen introduces Taylor to his Information Gatherer & seeks introduction to Licht Gegen

Danyth and Melyssa talk in private and reveal Melyssa was Sarah

Caileagh (at High Castle) ponders her waning fortunes and how to reverse them

Jon, still at the Lion & Tiger Inn, decides to seek out Drake

King Sagen and Gregory Locke play chess... and Gregory teaches him about losing

Jon reaches Caswell


Chapter 25 Reconnecting

Geleib meets Blackhawk after the Mountain & a flashhback to Geleib meeting Sagen

Blackhawk gets the shakes after meeting Geleib & flashback to finding the Writings

Jon reaches Mid Fort, sees David and a flashback


Chapter 26 Surprises

Geleib sends a casket of clothes to Blackhawk

Blackhawk's reaction, memories of Little Soldier & BH notices odd behaviour amongst soldiers

Jon visits the Overhills

Rebekah, missing being Tomas Beck, creates a new persona and does her first arms deal

Blackhawk sees the buttons and learns the queen is Little Soldier

Blackhawk encounters a prayer meeting for the followers of Joshua


Chapter 27: Discoveries

Jon is "captured" in Alexandria by Gregory Locke

Melyssa and Blackhawk talk, and he swears to keep her secret

Patrick Gunnels goes to see Tomas Beck and has an unpleasant encounter with Tyrone Beecham

Blackhawk puts together two names... Sarah... O'Toole...!

After weeks in Alexandria, Jon and William decide to gather the Knights (includes a flashback)


Chapter 28 Captured Again

Jon goes to Farr and is captured (again) by Blackhawk

Geleib is delighted to learn of Jon's capture

Blackhawk worries about his mixed loyalties in regards to Jon's capture

Geleib spirits Jon out of Farr Castle

Sagen and Melyssa speak of Jon's capture - Sagen can't decide who to hit, Geleib or Blackhawk

Rebekah-as-Tomas is summoned to help Taylor spring a prisoner from Gelieb

Geleib gloats over his prize: Jon

Rebekah-as-Tomas & others engage James of the Wood to help in the jailbreak's aftermath

Cailleach learns Jon has been captured and returns to Lorness


Chapter 29 Abased

Jon is tortured by Caileagh

A bored guard sees a travelling show arrive


Chapter 30 Realization

Blackhawk confirms Jon is Geleib's prisoner

Geleib learns of Captain Lendyld's weakness for widows... plural... at the same time

Docent Labret and Gelieb's troops go to capture Lendyld's widows... and die

Jon deals with having been raped...

...and is raped again


Chapter 31: Rescued

Captain Lendyld (#2) rescues Jonathan

King Sagen frets as Dwain denies knowing how to play chess

Caileagh finds Jon gone, hatches a plot to save herself but ends up captive in her own workshop

Rebekah awaits the handover for the escaped prisoner... to find it is Jon


Chapter 32: Recovery

Captain Lendyld (#1) fails to convince Blackhawk not to rescue Jon... and they rescue Caileagh

Rebekah - with the help of James' people - evacuates Jon from the "Morgan's" farm

Blackhawk escapes Lorness Castle with Lendyld and Caileagh

Rebekah & Jon reach the edge of the Sea of Glass... and Daikon Sylvanus arrives


Chapter 33: Assembling the pieces

David arrives at Dunis Glen and is ambushed, then passed thru to the gathering Knights

Blackhawk let David continue onwards

Drake awakes amongst the Knights

Jon encounters Blackhawk, finds he's been pardoned & gets a commission by the King


Chapter 34: The Knight's Gambits

George Rosewood flees north from Lorness only to be captured by Blackhawk

Rebekah has words with Blackhawk and restrains from knifing him

Jon is prevented from talking to Blackhawk by Rebekah and too many prying ears

Drake is delivered into the Knights' gathering

David arrives

Rebekah receives a token from Blackhawk: a helpless Rosewood, whom she cuts 3 times

Blackhawk overhears Rebekah and frets about Geleib's demise... and how Blackhawk can survive it

David enters the gathering to find Sunak and Jon arguing about Drake's fate - and decides his own


Chapter 35: Reconciliation

Blackhawk is waiting outside when the Knights' gathering breaks up... and is attacked by David

Jon intervenes but permits Daikon Sunak to resolve the issue between David and BH

As David rides to Lorness and Sunak to Caswell, Jonathan talks to Blackhawk... and thanks him

Having escaped, Drake's only potential safe haven is Lorness

Melyssa prays for the men fighting while trying to assist in healing Caileagh

Chapter 36 Siege of Lorness

Norin is pleased by Drake, thinks back to start of Caswell Insurgency & Drake's kidnapping

David rides for Lorness

Geleib laughs at the forces surrounding Lorness & how pointless the seige is due to his tunnels

Danyth and Rodyn join the Seige of Lorness

Drake finds his way inside Lorness Castle to be confronted with a near megalomaniac Geleib


Chapter 37: A Clash of Wills

Mathu Duine chats with James of the Wood and learns of their odd signalling devices

Melyssa meets Kennah Beecher, both chat with Ush-Wha and others about Caileagh

Jon holds a council of war with his commanders & finds they have a problem

Kennah begins cleansing Caileagh's soul to free her from her demons

Caileagh's reactions and her vision

Melyssa and the aftermath of their first session with Caileagh...


Chapter 38: Interceptions

Drake tries to reconcile the manic Geleib with the suave individual he's always admired

Kennah an Ush-Wha continue with their efforts to free Caileagh

David is guided into Lorness castle as Sir Egalt is wounded

With 2 armies approaching, from north & south, Geleib drives his people into the tunnels

White Owl finds another of the God of this Age's worship sites

Blackhawk hears Joshua's voice and together with Jon, plan a ruse to get inside Lorness Castle

Kennah and Ush-Wha make a breakthrough with Caileagh


Chapter 39: Reversals

David ventures into the tunnels and encounters... a Locke

Caileagh awakens, free from the voices of her tormenting demons

Blackhawk uses Jon as a 'prisoner' to get inside Lorness Castle

Captain Lendyld (the 3rd) takes control of the Lorness Castle gatehouse

Lendyld (the 2nd) finds the castle oddly empty & hears of people driven into the tunnels

David helplessly watches Fyrna Locke die then goes in search of Drake

Jon & others set an ambush for Geleib, as Jon and BH play chess


Chapter 40: Determination

Dwain makes a hellish night ride for High Castle trying to keep up with an 'insane' Rebekah

Daikon Sunak stumbles on a tunnel exit - a tunnel leading back to Lorness

Melyssa interviews a restored Caileagh, learning of the tunnels, Geleib & traitors

Sylvanus learns of the reflectors from James... and both learn of the tunnels

White Owl finds a major evil temple... in Caswell

Dwain struggles to keep up with Rebekah


Chapter 41: Into the Depths

Lendylds 3 and 2 - Lendyld 2 almost controls West Barbican then moves to take the East

Gregory Locke plans how to take the Caswell Temple

Taryssa, Drake's wife, reminisces about how she made Drake the Earl

Sagen holds a council of war, alters plans to deal with those emerging from the tunnels

Lendyld (3rd) takes West Barbican & finds it held by Esthlani - together they decide to take the castle

Geleib struts and boasts to Drake - he'll rule from the shadows. Drake is horrified, thinking all lost

Fortson (a traitor) tries to escape High Castle but is caught by Taylor

David finds Drake and attacks. Drake saves him and dies.


Chapter 42: The King’s Gambit

Blackhawk and Jon have relocated to one of Geleib's hideouts. BH finds Geleib's trophy room.

Brind (thief, a thug and a blackmailer) emerges from the tunnels and attacks a farmhouse

Daikon Sunak harasses those from tunnels and is attracted by a flash of light across his face

Driven by grief, David pursues Geleib

Little Bear catches a Lichtschreiber - Daikon Sylvanus' arrival - no more bets!

A King's Messenger encounters Daikon Sunak. Sunak sends tunnel exit locations to Sagen

Geleib ponders Drake's death, retreats to his trophy room. BH has betrayed him. G sets off traps.

D'rson confirms the King's Messanger and Sunak would meet, then continues his work

Blackhawk hears the boobytraps and guides Jon and the others to Geleib's secret exit

Vincent Donofrio and those defending an ambush farm pull out, but refuse to leave the battle


Chapter 43 Endgame

Little Bear's forces engage (well, kill) those emerging from the tunnels

Sunak harrasses those emerging from the tunnels, leading them towards High Castle

Geleib gets another chance to kill David and fails... only to think of a counter ploy

Docent Labret (a would-be assassin) tries to get clear of those emerging from the tunnels

Daikon Richard Overhill gets orders to block the smaller tunnel exits

David and Geleib fight, leaving David wounded... and seeing an impossible face above his

Daikon Daryl/Miles leads the Tarins south of the tunnel exits

Daikons Sunak, Norin and James rode together into High Castle

Sagen takes in the loss of life and begins to explain his actions to Melyssa

Jon captures Geleib and permits Blackhawk to strike the killing blow


Chapter 44: Recompense

Sagen explains his stategy to Melyssa... and how far back his planning went

Jon attends meeting where Sagen thanks and rewards his allies... making Jon a Baron and granting him money and an estate

Blackhawkk rejects being Over Commander, Taylor is Earl of Lorness, Gunnels becomes OC

As Rebekah inspects her new house in High Castle, she wonders how to tell Jon of her wealth


Chapter 45: Trials

Melyssa invites Rebekah to witness a bout between Blackhawk and Ush-Wha

Rebekah still can't go looking for Sarah and is waylaid by Dwain, who want her as a spy

Jon sees the Knights be reinstated, Caswell is given to Roving Knights, BH is ambassador to Ush

Cynthia copes with David becoming Royal Master of Horse and having to gossip with the queen

Blackhawk witnesses Caileagh's trial and sentencing, while worrying about Rosewood's trial

Rosewood dies... 'unintentionally'

Jon & Rebekah watch Taryssa's trial. She is sentenced to death.

Chapter 46: The Queen’s Gambit

Danyth lets Sagen in on a little 'complicated' Locke family history... about his twin sisters, Melyssa

Gregory Locke & his wife host a dinner for Jon & Rebekah

Sagen confronts Melyssa... about being both Melyssa and... Sarah O'Toole


Chapter 47 Revelations

Daryl/Miles returns to the Lion and Tiger Inn

Rebekah and Jon attend a picnic... to find out Melyssa has 5 parents... and they're the original 2

James of the Wood make changes in a rapidly growing Caswell

Jon and Blackhawk play chess, only to be interrupted by Rebekah when dinner is ready...




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